Embedded Robotics Basics Advanced


Embedded systems are involved in almost every facet of modern life and all modern luxury equipment like Digital Cameras, Mobile Phones, GPS Devices, Televisions, DVD Players, Video Games, Microwave Ovens, Fax Machines, Spacecraft are some of the examples of Embedded Systems. Embedded domain involves, software development, design and manufacture and even re-engineering of new and existing reference designs, development of device drivers, wired and wireless stacks and even porting of network protocols.

Course Objective

The tremendous number of applications for embedded computing has given rise to high demand for professionals with experience in designing and implementing embedded systems. The 80 hours training program in embedded systems and Robotics will help the students learn the interfacing of Atmega-16 & Atmega-128 with different electronics components such as LED, LCD, MOTOR, I2C, Wireless Sensor, Ethernet which in turn will help them to create different projects in Embedded Systems and Robotics.


No experience is required but fundamental knowledge of C is essential.

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