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Cloud Computing|Delhi

Winter Training Program in Cloud Computing

Under the Winter Training Program MTAIND is offering Winter Training in Cloud Computing at Delhi. You will be getting an opportunity to be a MTA Certified Professional.

Cloud computing is a growing trend in information technology as organizations look for ways to save money and add flexibility to their operations. Cloud computing, while still an evolving service, provides on-demand network access to a shared pool of computing resources such as networks, servers, storage and applications. The pooling of resources allows the provider to rapidly scale to meet changing customer demands. The service is typically provided through a large data center. Cloud computing can be divided into three types: Software as Service, Platform as Service, and Infrastructure as Service.

Course Descriptions

  • Cloud separates application and information resources from the underlying infrastructure, and the mechanisms used to deliver.
  • Cloud enhances collaboration, agility, scaling, availability, and provides the potential for cost reduction through optimized and efficient computing.
  • Cloud describes the use of a collection of services, applications, information, and infrastructure comprised of pools of system, network, information, and storage resources. These components can be rapidly, provisioned, implemented and decommissioned, and scaled up or down; providing for an on-demand utility-like model of allocation and consumption.
  • Cloud services can be described in three distinct services supported by four separate models.

  • The Visual Model of NIST Working Definition of Cloud Computing provides additional detail on the specific services and types of clouds deployments.

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