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Winter Training In Oracle

Under the Winter Training Program MTAIND is offering Winter Training in Oracle at Lucknow. You will be getting an opportunity to be a MTA Certified Professional.

This course deals with the database high availability with sufficient performance. All the database technologies are supporting this single faculty.

The student will be experienced in Oracle database Architecture, Installation of OS and Oracle Software, Backup and Recovery (Logical, Physical and RMAN), Performance tuningtechniques (tools and best practices like statistics, trace files, AWR, ASMM), Patching, Cloning and Upgrades. Migrations along with High Availability features like Data Guard and ASM with special focus on real world scenarios which make you ready to acquire the challenging role as an Oracle DBA.

Oracle is comparative database management system which is developed by Lawrence Ellison in 1977. Oracle system stores and performs various operations on collection of data. An oracle database treats the collection of data (database) as unit helps to stores and retrieves required information to users accessing through SQL (structured query language).

The main key feature of Oracle is that its architecture which is divided into the logical and the physical, which helps in large-scale distributed computing


You will have an easier time learning to become a DBA if you have one of the folliwng:

  • - A Computer Science or Engineering background / degree

  • - Math/Physics degree. Even if you have some years in college without an actual degree that's fine. That won't be an impediment.

  • - If you don't have a degree as such or a technical background, you should invest time to study how Operating Systems and Networking works. You will need those to understand how the database works.


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