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MTA-IND an initiative of Morling Global Pvt. Ltd. Noida, has established itself as a leader in Microsoft Certification Summer/Winter Internship Training and Development in India and has a very successful track record in Academic Training, Corporate Training, Summer/Winter Microsoft internships Program, Hardware Design, Solar Panels, Summer Internship, Winter Internship Program in Multiple Location in India at Noida, Kolkata, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Kanpur, Pune, Vadodara, Guwahati, Jaipur, Patna. Founded in 2011, MTA-IND is a rapidly developing IT Training and development company with a comprehensive list of awards and credits with Microsoft. We specialize in all types of customized IT Training & web solutions (application development, planning and website development), custom hardware design (PCB board), medical equipment (ECG, BP, glucometer, etc.) , LED bulb, refrigerator, etc.) Training, Services and solutions. We specialize in Microsoft Summer/Winter Internship Training Program, campus contracting solutions, training and evaluation solutions, skills development (employment creation), module based training programs for engineering students at all levels (all branches) and recruitment solutions.

Our Vision

To become the largest online learning ecosystem for continuing education, in partnership with corporates and academia.

Our Mission

To create an alternate platform for students who wish to continue and complete courses by attending live online courses, using a team of ridiculously committed educators who will stop at nothing to impart education, helped by a 24 x 7 support system. By deploying our world class team of industry experts, we aim to educate our learners with the skills they need to advance their professional life to the next level.

Management Team

Binit Kumar

Co-Founder &


Binit Kumar is instrumental in setting up the strategic direction of the company, defining company’s priorities, driving the mission and company’s work culture. He brings with him 13 years of expertise across domains like technology, digital marketing, growth hacking, customer acquisition and hiring. Prior to co-founding MTA-IND.
At Texas Instruments, Binit was a technology evangelist and helped the company stay on the cutting edge. His interests include Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing. He started his career as a software engineer and has also held key roles at Smartbrains.

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Culture at MTA-IND

At MTA-IND, we respect skill, knowledge and common sense. Not hierarchy. We are a family of fun and ambitious people with a desire to impart education, to stay committed to the core vision of MTA-IND.


  • World class team

    At MTA-IND, you get to work with some of the best educators from around the world. Every day, you rub shoulders with former executives from top companies, alumni from IIT, IIM, ISB, and other quality institutions. And, you get the chance to become a world class expert yourself, as you constantly learn from each other.

  • Creativity & Independence

    We recognize skill, knowledge and common sense. Not hierarchy. At MTA-IND, we encourage you to take ownership, to make your own decisions. We don’t have nosy managers to tell you what to do. We have leaders who are only too happy to guide you, to nurture you. But, you get to unleash your creativity, to mold the system better

  • A Collaborative Workplace

    We don’t care if you are not wearing formals. We don’t care whether you are a fresher or an old hand. What matter at MTA-IND are transparency and frankness. Collaboration is key and we make sure everyone is accessible for any sort of discussion. We don’t care how you communicate, as long as you do. In fact, we do most of our internal communication on Facebook (Workplace), so it’s no different from a circle of friends with a common goal.

  • Learning – A Way of Life

    We are educators. But, we are also students. At MTA-IND, we believe that learning is an eternal process, one that constantly keeps us young and inquisitive. Any course that we offer online is also available to our employees for free. There are no boundaries to your role, no silos, and the transparency and exposure that you get is unparalleled! So, you never have to stop broadening your horizon.