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MTA – Microsoft Summer/Winter Internship Training in ASP.Net with C#


ASP.NET is a collection of Web development tools provided by Microsoft. Programs such as Visual Studio .NET and Visual Web Developer allow web developers to create dynamic Web sites using a visual interface. Of course, programmers can write their own codes and texts and also integrate them into ASP.NET sites. Although it plays an important role as a successor to Microsoft's ASP programming technology, ASP.NET also supports Visual Basic .NET, JScript .NET, and open source languages such as Python and Perl.


If you want to try ASP.NET, you can install Visual Web Developer Express using the installed Microsoft platform, a free tool that facilitates the download, installation, and service components of the Microsoft Web platform. These components include Visual Web Developer Express, Internet Information Services (IIS), SQL Server Express, and the .NET Framework. These are all the tools you use to create ASP.NET web applications. You can also use the installation program for the Microsoft platform on the Web to install open source ASP.NET and PHP Web applications.

About the Course-

DotNet is the most sought after today. There are already many professionals in the market equipped with this knowledge. But you can differentiate yourself from, and above all, the training course from an experienced and well-trained .NET training institute such as MTA-IND. MTA-IND Microsoft Summer Internship Training offers a little more to give you an extra boost for your resume. Smart Workshop has a training course called MICROSOFT .NET Training in 4 to 6 weeks. This course will be technically, practically and strategically sound in this technology, along with the experience of live projects in 6 months. Learning in the MTA-IND is a very enjoyable experience as the full course consists of students who are exposed to all concepts, and the content is well organized to meet industry requirements covering all sectors and similarities in technology. Experts from industries. Experienced colleges include differentiated abilities for individuals and personal attention for each student. MTA-IND wants to ensure that all students benefit from the course. Last but not least, the MTA-IND certificate can give you a great advantage over others.

ASP.NET Overview

reference frame

Configure and install ASP.NET

Learning Objective-

Microsoft SQL Server

Coding Standards

HTML, CSS & JavaScript

Asp.Net Standard Controls


Asp.Net Validation Controls + Javascript Validation

Web Design with Home Pages

Using the Rich Controls

SQL Server Basic

Summary of Data Access


Using Network View Control

Using the Detail View and Form View Controls

Use duplicates and controls in the data list

Using Navigation Controls

Working with XML and Web Services

AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)

FTP Manager

Send e-mails


Project neighborhood

MTA – Microsoft Summer/Winter Internship Training in ASP Dot Net gets conducted in Noida,Lucknow,Kolkata, Pune ,Guwahati and Hyderabad.