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11 reasons why is Java popular over other programming languages | Summer Training in Core Java ?

Java is one of the most popular programming languages around the world Summer Training in core JAVA will help to create web applications, customized software and web portals. Java is a Object Oriented Programming language developed by James Gosling in 1991. Initially it was called as ‘Oak’. But later it was renamed as JAVA in 1995. It is the product of Sun microsystem company. Summer Training in core java helps students to make their career in Android development, programming is also begin and end with Summer Training in Core Java with Advance Java. Summer Training in core java is one of the most popular programming languages arou

Why JAVA is more popular than other languages

Summer Training in core java provide you various features of Java these are following:-

  • 1)Simple-
    Summer Training in Core Java with Advance is easy to learn and understand so easier for programmers to learn it . Removed many confusing features like explicit pointers, operator overloading etc.
  • 2)Robust-
    Summer Training in Core Java with Advance Java is a Robust language because the code written here is double click once by compiler and then by interpreter hence the output are more reliable than others.
  • 3)Secured-
    Java is secured because: It generates Bytecode which provide Security to the program. -No explicit pointer -Java Programs run inside virtual machine sandbox
  • 4)Distributed-
    Summer Training in Core Java with Advance Java helps develop distributed applications in java. RMI and EJB are used for creating distributed applications. We may access files by calling the methods from any machine on the internet.
  • 5)Object Oriented-
    Summer Training in Core Java support object oriented language because everything in java is class and object. Object-oriented programming(OOPs).

BASIC CONCEPT OF OOPS are that you will learn in Summer Training in Core Java:

  • 1.Object
  • 2.Class
  • 3.Inheritance
  • 4.Polymorphism
  • 5.Abstraction
  • 6.Encapsulation

  • 6)Architectural Neutral
    There is no implementation dependent features e.g. size of primitive types is fixed.In C programming, int data type occupies 2 bytes of memory for 32-bit architecture and 4 bytes of memory for 64-bit architecture. Yet, in java, it possesses 4 bytes of memory for both 32 and 64 bit designs.
  • 7) Platform Independent
    Summer Training in Core Java Will provide Platform independent language so once the java code is compiled it will run anywhere but JVM should Installed on the particular System. So the program will run on various platform like Linux, Windows Mac etc
  • 8)Multithreaded-
    Summer Training in Core Java support multi threaded programming that allows developer to create application that support multiple user or multitasking.
  • 9)High Performance-
    Summer Training in Core Java is speedier than customary understanding since byte code is "close" to local code still fairly slower than an arranged dialect (e.g., C++)
  • 10)Interpreted and High Performance
    After Successful compilation of a java program it converts into bytecode which is an intermediate code that can be run directly by using java Interpreter. It makes speed fast and high performance.
  • 11)Portable-
    We may carry the java byte code to any platform. So java provide this facility to run java program on any platform.

The importance of Java

Technology is advancing at every day, meaning there are lots of upcoming job opportunities. Developers who have a solid knowledge of Java are in great demand. With an existing base already, the Java programming language continues to create many jobs in the tech industry. If a you are good in java then lots of technologies will be easy to learn like Android, Python, Robotics etc. Those who want to make their career in the web development they must prefer Summer training in core java with Advance java. After Completion of Summer Training in J2EE with spring framework & spring framework you will be able to make quality product. Advance java summer training will include these modules- Core java+Struts+Spring+Hibernate