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What is Oracle Database ?

We know that Oracle database is a set of data which is used as a unit. The main goal of a database is to process, store and retrieve the relevant information. Oracle database is commonly mentioned as Oracle RDBMS. Oracle is a multi-model database management system. It is produced and marketed by Oracle Corporation. It is the very popular database. It is also necessary for data warehousing, to run online transaction processing (OLTP) and mixed (OLTP & DW) database workloads. Summer training program in Smart brains at Noida learning solutions is one of the best training centers for best professional Oracle Database training courses and many other IT courses.

Hisory of Oracle

Larry Ellison as well as his two friends and former co-workers, Bob Miner and Ed Oates, the three of them established a consultancy named as Software Development Laboratories (SDL) in 1977. The name Oracle comes from the code-name of a CIA. It was a funded project on which Ellison had worked on while formerly employed by Ampex.

The physical and logical structure of oracle

What is a Logical Database structure ?

Logical structure is that which include components as tablespaces, schema objects, data blocks, extents and segments.


An oracle database contains two or more logical storage units called tablespases. Each tablespace contains two or more operating system files called datafiles. The databases data are stored in tablespaces. The data files of tablespace are physically stored on disk. Partial database backup or recovery operations are performed by tablespaces. Data files are associated with tablespaces.

Schema objects

Schema objects are table or index. When schema object is created, its segment is created within specified tablespace in the database. The data segment is assigned in one or more of the data files that include the allocated tablespace. Schema objects are the structure. It seems for databases data. It involves many things like tables, views, sequences, stored procedures, indexes, synonyms, clusters and database links.

Data Blocks

It is the last level of oracle database. Database’s data are stored in data blocks. It is also called pages, logical blocks or oracle blocks. Oracle database uses database’s data. It allocates free space in data blocks. It has specific number of bytes for which data block appears. The bytes are of physical database space on disk. It is the smallest unit of I/O of databases.


it has continuous data blocks for which an extent appears. Oracle database contains specific data information for which an extent is used to store. An extent is the next level of logical database space. An extent contains contiguous data blocks. Data blocks are allocated for storing a specific type of information.


The upper level of an extent is called a segment. It is the level of logical database. A segment is a collection of extents. It is allocated for a specified data structure. All segments are stored in the same tablespace. ORACLE allocates space for segments in extents. Thus, when all extents of a segment become full, ORACLE assigns other extent for that specified segment. Extents are allocated when it is needed. It may or may not be contiguous on disk. It may or may not also span files.

Logical Database Structure

What is a Logical Database structure ?

Physial Database Structure

The physical database structure consists of datafiles, redo log files and control files.

Redo log Files

Redo log files contain records of all database changes which are carried out in the course of transactions. When any changes are made in database then redo log files are used to store the changes. Changes are carried out in the course of transactions. When any failure happens redo log files are used to protect the database.

Control files

Control files consists of columns. The column has database name, name and location of datafiles. Control files record information about physical structure of database. Control file is a small binary file which records the physical structure of database which includes:-

  • Database Name
  • Names and locations of datafiles and online redo log files
  • Timestamp of database creation
  • CheckPoint Information
  • Current Log Sequence Number
  • Physical Structure
    • Control files(binary files)
    • Data files
    • Redo log files

Summer Training in Database with oracle

ORACLE DATABASE is Object Relational Database Management System. Oracle is created and marketed by Oracle Corporation. It is one of the most trusted Relational Database engines used worldwide. The main benefits of Summer Training in Database With Oracle are:

  • It provides the Centralized Management System.
  • It provides reliability and security in the storage of data.
  • It facilitates Better Data Design and Mining.
  • It simplifies Data Administration.

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