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published on:2019-04-08

Mtaind provides Summer Training, Winter Training and internship in Python. Python was one of the strongest and most powerful languages for learning and use. In addition, it has a strong correlation to data processing and analysis. Python is a clear and powerful programming language that can be compared with Perl, Ruby, Scheme, or Java.

Python is used in methodological computing and in areas with high calculations such as finance, oil, gas, physics and signal processing for more than a decade. This course will cover basic and advanced Python concepts, such as scripting Python, sequence and file operations in Python and Machine Learning. It will also deal with most important and used packages, such as panda, scikit, numpyscipy, ect.

Python can be easy to learn if you are a programmer for the first time or if you have experience in other languages. In our company we provide Summer Training Program, Winter Training Program and online courses are also available. We also provide certificate for the same.