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MTA – Microsoft Summer/Winter Internship Training in Core Java


Java is a programming language that is explicitly designed for use in a distributed Internet environment. It is designed to have the "look and feel" of C ++, but it is easier to use than C ++ and implements the object programming model. Java can be used to create complete applications, as well as to create a desktop application console and a Web application unit to use as part of a web page. Small applications allow a webpage user to interact with the page. While learning the course, the exercises (both in class and in laboratory tasks) are taught to teach object programming using the Java Standard Edition (JSE 8) programming language.


No experience required. But the basic knowledge of C / C ++ will be useful.

About The Course

This is a comprehensive training course in Java programming language that will make you grow in your coding career software. This course includes basic Java concepts, Java expressions, exception handling, objects, classes, JDBC understanding, etc.

Learning Objective -

1-Learn programming and basic Java concepts.
2-Introduction to inheritance, threads and collections.
3-Implementation of JDBC to link many applications.
4-Understanding the method of cancellation and overload.
5-Use Matrix and HashMap to store dynamic data.
6-Create threads in Java by implementing an executable interface.
7-Work on live projects of practical experience.

Who Should Join -

1-Software developers, architects and web designers.
2- Students and professionals who aspire to be Java developers.


-Anyone can take this course to be a Java developer.

Why Should You Join this Course -

Java is a powerful general-purpose object-oriented programming. It is widely used to develop the latest applications, both for web platform and mobile phone. Because it is easy to learn, apply, compile and correct, it finds great value for some of the world's largest software companies. This course can help you develop the appropriate skills needed to be a professional Java professional and get well paid jobs in major multinational companies. You can also work under Hadoop or in mobile development with Java, this is an added advantage of being a Java developer.

MTA – Microsoft Summer/Winter Internship Training in Core Java gets conducted in Noida,Lucknow,Kolkata,Pune ,Guwahati and Hyderabad.

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