Summer Training in Digital Marketing

MTA – Microsoft Summer/Winter Internship Training in Digital Marketing


The rapid growth of digital marketing is the direct consequence of penetration of internet and social media sites. Our extensive portfolios of training courses are:

  • 1. 100% focused on Branding & Lead Generation techniques through online.
  • 2. Guided by industry renowned professionals with unprecedented knowledge of Internet Marketing industry.
  • 3. High interactive program with practical and relevant case studies.
  • 4. Training by extensively researched self developed cutting edge techniques.
  • 5. Perfect opportunity to develop network and experiences with knowledge sharing.
  • 6. Designed for both fresh engineers and working professionals to attain growth in IT/Media/Dotcom industry
  • 7. Interactive, interesting and motivational training sessions.
  • 8. Access to large reference books and research materials Sessions.
  • 9. New skill and digitally graduated.
  • 10. Opportunity profile in digital media industries.

About the Course -

Digital marketing refers to ads served via digital channels such as search engines, websites, social networks, email, and mobile applications. While this term covers a wide range of marketing activities, which have not been agreed globally, we will focus on the most common species below.

Learning Objectives -

  • Introduction to digital marketing.
  • SEO-Keyword Planning
  • SEO-(On page, Off page)
  • Marketing through social media.
  • Google Search Engine Marketing.
  • Mail.
  • Affiliate marketing.
  • Understand Google Analytics.
  • Google Analytics domain.
MTA – Microsoft Summer/Winter Internship Training in Digital Marketing gets conducted in Noida,Lucknow,Kolkata,Pune ,Guwahati and Hyderabad.

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