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Q: What is the Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Certification?

A: The Microsoft Technology Associate is a new, entry-level certification designed to help individuals take the first step toward a career as an IT professional or developer.
MTA validates 80% knowledge and 20% skills. The next step in the Microsoft certification path is Microsoft Technology Specialist (MCTS) which requires hands on experience with the Microsoft technology platform.

Q: Who's the audience for the MTA Certification?

A: MTA is for students, changing careers, or anyone else wanting to explore a career in technology. At this time, MTA is only available to students, faculty, and staff of an accredited academic institution that is an approved MTA testing center.

Q: How does the MTA Certification fit into the overall Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) program?

A: There are millions of people in the world who would like to pursue a career in technology, but lack the foundational knowledge necessary to pursue one of our Technology Specialist or Professional certifications. The MTA certification creates a new entry point for these people to help them jumpstart their career aspirations.

Q: What technologies are covered in MTA Certification exams?

A: Each MTA Certification exam will cover a broad technology area, including:

  • *   Software Development Fundamentals
  • *   Web Development fundamentals
  • *   Windows Development Fundamentals
  • *   Database Fundamentals
  • *   System Administrator Fundamentals
  • *   Networking Fundamentals
  • *   Security Fundamentals

Q: How many exams do candidates need to pass to earn an MTA Certification?

A: In order to earn an MTA Certification, candidates only need to pass one exam. 1 Exam = 1 Certification.

Q: What if candidates pass more than one MTA Certification exam?

A: Candidates need only pass one MTA exam in order to receive the certification. However, we recommend that they refer to Microsoft's MTA Exam Certification Path to ensure that they're effectively preparing for Microsoft Technology Specialist (MCTS) exams and a successful career in the IT industry. Passing more than one exam shows potential employers and college admissions offices that a candidate has a variety of technology skills and are committed to a wide set of abilities.

Q: What do candidates get when they earn an MTA Certification?

A: Earning the MTA Certification can help students stand out with college admissions and internship applications. This certification proves commitment and knowledge of fundamental technology concepts. Having a validated certification from a reputable organization like Microsoft is a great way to launch a successful career!
Earning a MTA Certification can be the first step towards becoming a Microsoft Technology Specialist (MCTS).
Also, when candidates earn an MTA Certification, they become a member of the Microsoft Certified Professional community. They'll get access to members-only benefits such as special offers, the MCP transcript tool, and private newsgroups where they can network, find peer support, and share their accomplishments with millions of certified professionals worldwide.

Q: What is the retake policy for MTA Certification exams?

A: The exam retake policy for MTA is the same as our Technology Specialist and Professional exams. You can find more about these policies on the Microsoft Learning website.

Q: Will MTA Certifications expire?

A: No, MTA certifications do not expire.