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MTAIND – Microsoft Summer Internship Training Noida | Kolkata | Lucknow | Hyderabad | Kanpur | Pune | Vadodara | Guwahati | Jaipur | Patna | MTAIND.COM

MTA – Microsoft Summer/Winter Internship Training in Internet of Things (IOT)


IOT systems allow users to achieve greater automation, inspection and establishment within the system. Improves the range and accuracy of these areas. IOT uses existing and emerging technology for discovery, networks and robots. Internet will encourage things to transform technology by generating ways for machines to share different types of information with each other. It is estimated that between 50 and 100 billion things will be available by 2020.

IOT Key Features

The most important features of IOT include artificial intelligence, communication, sensors, active interaction and the use of small devices. The following is a brief review of these posts:

  • AI-IOT makes everything "intelligent" essentially, which means it improves all aspects of life with the power of data collection, artificial intelligence algorithms and networks. This can mean something as simple as upgrading your refrigerator and cupboards to discover when your milk and cereal are running out, then place an order with your favorite grocer.
  • Communication:New technologies that favor networks, particularly Internet networks, mean that networks are no longer exclusively linked to the main providers. Networks can exist on a smaller scale and are much cheaper while remaining a process. IoT creates these small networks between devices in your system.
  • Sensors:IOT loses its distinction without sensors. It acts as a toolkit that converts IOT from a standard passive network of devices to an active system capable of integrating into the real world.
  • Active participation:Much of the current interaction with related technology occurs through passive interaction. IOT provides a new model for the active participation of the content, product, or service.
  • Small Appliances:Hardware, as expected, has become smaller, cheaper and more powerful over time. IOT utilizes small devices specifically designed to provide accuracy and scalability.

About the Course -

IoT is a system of interconnected computers, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or persons with unique identifiers and the ability to transmit data over a network without being human or human. Interact with the computer. One thing, in Internet things, can be someone with a heart cover, a farm animal with a biosphere transmitter, a car with internal sensors to alert the driver when tire pressure is low - or any other natural or man-made object can Allocate its IP address which has the ability to transfer data over a network.

Learning Objectives -

  • Internet concepts and definitions (IoT)
  • Applications
  • Internet standards things
  • IoT Architecture
  • The main component of Internet stuff
  • IoT communications and network protocols.
  • IoT services and applications
  • Security
  • Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things
  • Semantic Web 3.0 Standard for M2M and IoT
  • Challenges to adapt concepts.
MTA – Microsoft Summer/Winter Internship Training in Internet of Things (IoT) gets conducted in Noida, Lucknow, Kolkata,Pune ,Guwahati and Hyderabad.

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