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Live Technology With Us | Winter Training - 2019-20

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Registration Open for - Winter Training Program - 2019-20

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Summer Training Program

The world as we know, it is changing at a breakneck speed - the technologies and code..

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Winter Training Program

The winters are the perfect learning time to Join into MTA Winter Training Program

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Online Training Program

Online Training is one of the most practical solution for the individuals and professionals

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How it Works

Accelerating Career Growth with Extensive Features.

Your Learning Trainers Gets in Touch with You

Share your learning objectives and get oriented with our web and mobile platform. Talk to your personal learning IT Trainers to clarify your doubts.

Live Interactive Session with Your Instructor

Live screensharing, step-by-step demonstrations and Q&A led by industry experts.
Missed a class? Not an issue. We record the classes and upload them to LMS.

Solve an Industry Live Use Case

Projects developed by industry experts gives you the experience of solving real-world problems you will face in the corporate world.

Get Certified and Fast Track Your Career Growth

Earn a valued certificate. Get help in creation of a professionally written CV & Guidance for interview preparation & questions

Web Development

Professional Development

Whether you're building your first website or advancing your skills to build scalable applications leveraging cloud services, we'll teach you everything you need to know for launching a web development career.

Cognitive Coading

Instructional Software

Create and deliver dynamic interactive lessons with formative assessments and gamification with the world's leading teaching and collaboration software.

Data Science & Analysis

Professional Development

Using massive datasets to guide decisions is becoming more and more important for modern businesses. With over six times faster growth than other industrues, data analytics has become the fastest growing field today. If you are looking for a rewarding career, Data Science can be great field to be in.

Artificial Intelligence

Beginner and Professional

AI is one of the fastest-growing and most transformational technologies of our time.In 10 hours a week, master in-demand skills and access a new world of opportunities.

Mobile Development


With more and more companies becoming mobile-first, mobile app development field has become a popular career choice. There's no time like present to start mastering the skills needed to build a seamless mobile application.

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