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MTA – Microsoft Summer/Winter Internship Training in PLC & SCADA


A Logic Controller PLC is a programmable solid state user control function for logic control, sequencing, timing, data processing and counting capabilities. It can be seen as an industrial computer having a central processing unit, memory, I / O and machine programming.
Function: PLC develops and continues to be the best choice for a variety of industrial automation applications. More flexibility Programming, ease of use, scalability, more memory, and smaller, in very high speed connection in different networks.
Application: PLC is increasingly used as a comprehensive solution for the batch process in the chemical, cement, food and paper industries and sequential in nature, requiring decisions based on events or time.
SCADA's supervisory control and data acquisition is an industrial control system used in many modern industries such as energy, manufacturing, energy, transportation, etc. SCADA systems organize multiple techniques for handling, collecting and monitoring data at the same time to send instructions. Those points that transmit the data.
FEATURE: The SCADA system optimizes overall system efficiency to optimize, monitor and control industrial process control system.
Application: In today's world, almost anywhere where you can see the SCADA system, be it sewage treatment plant, supermarket, industries or even at home.


This course is designed and developed by industrial professional having decades of experience. This course is a practical ‘hands-on course and helps fill the technical skill gap between engineering students and industrial need. .

  • PLC & SCADA.

  • Basic RLC.

  • PLC (Programmable Logic Controller).

  • SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition).

  • Minor/Major projects (Software or Hardware based).


MTA – Microsoft Summer/Winter Internship Training in PLC/SCADA gets conducted in Noida,Lucknow,Kolkata,Pune ,Guwahati and Hyderabad.

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